Frequently Asked Questions

What is Financial Sozo
  • Financial Sozo is a tool designed for people who want to delve deeper into the important area of achieving financial health and wholeness.   
  • Financial Sozos are individual sessions that focus on breaking unhealthy financial cycles and beliefs related to money, work through questions of purpose or identity, identify root causes of being stuck financially, and help create realistic plans to take active steps to breakthroughs.
  • Sessions are aimed to help you hear what God is saying and develop a Personalised Action Plan to move forward. 
  • You are expected to take ownership and personal responsibility to follow-through on the Personalised Action Plan even though you are not required to report back on results or progress to the Facilitator. 
  • Sending a testimony of your breakthrough to that will help to encourage the facilitator.
What is Sozo?
  • Sozo ministry is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry aimed to get to the root of issues hindering personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. With a healed connection, you can walk in the destiny to which you have been called.
  • Similar to Financial Sozo, Sozo is Spirit-led and get to the roots of things that may hinder your personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 
  • Sozo session aims to help you hear what God is saying as you walk through barriers and release lies that may hold you back from a life of health and freedom.
Do I need to do a Sozo Session before a Financial Sozo session?
  • We would require for you to do a Sozo session before a Financial Sozo so as to clear the general issues that hinders your connection to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and then do a deeper dive into issues that impact your connection to Father God and specific financial related issues in a Financial Sozo session. 
  • They complement each other.
Who needs a Financial Sozo?
  • Financial Sozo is applicable to anyone who wants to see breakthroughs to achieve financial health and better connection with Father God.
How many sessions do I need for Financial Sozo?
  • Each session takes 60 minutes and the number of sessions depends on each person, whether they want to have additional support to follow-through with their Personalised Action Plans.  It is up to the individual to book another Financial Sozo if they so desire.
How are Financial Sozo sessions conducted?
  • Financial Sozo Sessions for Asia are conducted via Zoom and in Singapore time zone.  The Zoom link will be included in the meeting invite sent to your email after you have confirm your time slot booking.
Is Financial Sozo part of Bethel Sozo?
  • Financial Sozo is an independent ministry by Stephen K De Silva Ministries. Financial Sozo Facilitators are trained and certified by Stephen K De Silva ministries, and are also required to be on a regular Sozo team. The two ministries often work together.
  • Sozo Ministries Asia is part of Bethel Sozo and covers the markets in Asia for both Sozo and Financial Sozo services.
How much does it cost?
  • You can refer to the Booking Form for the fee for Financial Sozo. 
How can I book a session?
  • Please book a session by clicking here minimum 5 working days in advance.
  • The following will be included in the Confirmation email that will be sent to you after you have confirmed your booking:
    • Date and time for the session
    • The email of the Facilitator in case of any changes
    • The Zoom link for the session
    • Link for rescheduling
    • Payment can be made upon booking through by VISA / Mastercard.
  • Booking will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment.
Can I select the Facilitator?
  • You can choose who you will like to be ministered by selecting the name of the facilitator on the booking page. 
  • You will be able to refer to the profiles of Financial Sozo Facilitators on the page as well
What is your rescheduling, delays and no-show policy?
  • We aim to honour the time that both Facilitators and Clients has set aside for the Financial Sozo session and to allow others to have access to the services.  Hence, the following will apply to both the Facilitator and the Client.  Any change is subject to mutual agreement between Facilitator and Client.   
    • Any change to scheduled sessions is to be made 5 working days before the scheduled slot and the rescheduling link can be found in the  meeting invite that is sent to you. Rescheduling is valid only up to 3 months from the original schedule date.
    • Delays in start time will result in a reduction time allocated for your  session so that other sessions are not affected. 
    • We will extend a grace waiting period of 15 minutes from the scheduled time after which we will treat the session as a ”No Show” – absent without prior notification to the facilitator and the session will still be charged as a full session without a refund. 
    • Rescheduling are to be made with the same Facilitator that you had originally book with. 
What is your cancellation policy?
  • We do not accept any cancellations or refunds after confirmation of booking. 

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